50 Great Sourced Author Quotes

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What follows are the best sourced quotes (or, if you will, quotations) from writers down the ages, 50 of the most awesome, moving, and inspiring things that writers have ever said in literature. At least, that’s what we here at Interesting Literature reckon – we hope you agree.

Remember that quote from Abraham Lincoln, ‘The problem with quotes on the Internet is that it is hard to verify their authenticity.’ That joke is a reminder that we should be on our guard about internet quotes – so, although we haven’t cited chapter and page numbers, we have given the title of the text in which each quote can be found. (If you know better and think we’ve still misattributed any of the following, do get in touch.)

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My girl, my girl

The smell of innocence –
she had spent many nights
at the house on the end of the street
– was she aware?

Coming back to me –
that she always did.
but not once I was told
what was happening here and there

On the 5th day of the month
sunset was red,
and there I knew,
at what end my girl had gone to.

Hannah Kahn

When I learned to be you

How could such admiration
turn into obstacle –
when all I learned
was how to be closer to you

A blue piece of clothing
well, who could ever guess
the effect it would have
on us both

But no.
I open the curtains
And all I find
It’s the empty – yet beautiful – space you left me in

So many solstices have passed
So many feelings were rethought
And now we are here
After an unexpected fact
Being each in a boat – lone and graceful boats.

Hannah Kahn

– Inspired with M.M


Consideração e respeito por outro não vem pela metade.
Respeitando um, é dever respeitar todos –
ninguém é menos,
ninguém é mais.
Somos todos iguais perante um julgamento,
um julgamento de bom senso.
O indivíduo, a natureza e o objeto:
todos acabamos no mesmo vale de finitude.

Hannah Kahn



It’s Halloween and, as promised, J.K. Rowling has delivered us the treat of a new story from the wizarding world of our hero, Harry Potter. But before jumping in, let’s not forget that this a day of fright. This story fittingly features one of the most sinister, cringe-inducing characters to come across Harry Potter’s path, Dolores Umbridge [insert booing here] [and we don’t mean the ghostly kind]. Rowling tackles Umbridge’s past and rise to power within the Ministry of Magic, while also discussing where she found inspiration for the character. Head over to Today.com or jump on to Pottermore (which you should probably do anyway) to check it out.

Our conclusion? We still don’t like Dolores… (Though we always love reading new Harry Potter stories!)

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A friend without her friend

Found a friend on a rainy day
Kept him in a corner,
a corner of my heart.
Thought it would be safe
to have him as my safety,

for nothing could take
my fears away
as his soothing hand.

460 rainy days passed
and my fears were no more.
The soothing hand, by itself
lived to see
my own sunny days.

But, as so many times,
the universe decided to show
how all that comes

Everything was happiness
when in a night full of stars
a poor judgment of character
made my humble friend
go away.

Hannah Kahn

– Written for André Medeiros. 30/10/2014