For the Pain

Have you ever felt like there’s nothing to hold you when you fall? No one to take your hand and lead you somewhere with safe things? Wish I had had the strength to say “no” the first time life offered me the wrong way; had the guts to go against all odds and continue living the way I always did.

Instead, I made myself a new someone, someone I don’t care for. I realized how amazing it is the way we can change when something or someone we care for goes away. Some people hide their pain, others try so hard to be noticed, and others simply get lost. Start having wrong attitudes and forget their goals.

The funniest is that, even though someone changed you completely, turned your head inside out and left, you still want them to be by your side. The smile they get out of you in one day has a bigger value than all the tears you dropped for endless months.

Hannah Kahn


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