The One who Forgives

My mother always tried to make me understand I cannot hold a grudge; I have to forgive people. Forgiving would make me feel better, would bring me good energies and I wouldn’t give the other person something to think or worry about.

I am still struggling to apply that lesson in my real life. More than often, people take terrible actions upon us – actions we could never imagine would happen. What are we suppose to do when someone breaks your heart? Your trust? Some people make it seem so easy to make this kind of decision. It’s like they have an instruction book explaining how to act in this battle of common sense and feelings. In the mean time, the majority of us are only mortals, having to live with mistakes and, sadly, guilt.

After a few bumps in the way, you start to get the hang of it. Better yet: you start to get tired of it. Yes, people disappoint us. Yes, people hurt us. No, we do not have to suffer with it. I am still not sure what made me realize it, at what point I decided a change was necessary. But the important thing is: I finally understood.

We can’t regret our actions or our decisions. Admitting something we did or said is wrong: yes, completely necessary. Sitting, crying and thinking endlessly about it: no, forget this. Think before you act; if it’s the right decision or an action you have to take, then do it. Just make sure your conscious will be clear after everything. After all, that’s the one little precious thing we need to take care of. Our conscious.

If we are not in peace with ourselves, nothing will be ok during our days. Feel good about yourself and you’ll see – life can be happy. Forgiving will be natural, you won’t have to try so hard to do it. It will be out of pure kindness.

Hannah Kahn


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